Electronic Recycling

With the rapid advancement of technology, electronic products have an increasingly rapid replacement rate. Electronic products are often inappropriately disposed of into the waste stream where they end up in landfill potentially harming the environment, as well as wasting valuable resources. 

Dropping off your used electronics for recycling ensures:

  • Your e-waste is diverted from the waste stream and recyclable materials such as plastic, are used in new products
  • You contribute to improving the ecosystem with better air, soil, and water quality
  • You help conserve resources by increasing the use of recovered materials
  • You contribute to reducing tax payer dollars allocated to waste handling and landfill
Make a positive impact on the environment and in your community, stay up-to-date with future collection events.

Community Partners

irecycle_medium_newiRecycle Computers delivers consulting and material management schemes to ensure high-standard organizations are compliant with industry and government regulations. The company is committed to diverting electronic products from going to landfill and has supported Inorganic Market community events since 2007.

adl-er-logo-finalADL Process is an Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) provincially certified processor based in Toronto for waste electronics. All collected material from community collection events are taken to ADL Process’ recycling facility to be sorted into recoverable materials (meant to be reused in new products: plastic, copper from wires, etc.) or waste material (that will be disposed of according to Ontario legislation: mixed plastic, etc.).